Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beautiful Desert Home in Mitzpe Ramon

This beautiful desert home in Mitzpe Ramon has just come on the market. Many upgrades and much remodeling to the original home. Contact Shiki at 054-495-5679 or for an appointment to visit.

Main entry with full patio

Patio and entry view. Note the magnificent portal and entry.

Remodeled kitchen with latest appliances.

Another view of the kitchen.

Large dining room.

Roomy living room area with lots of light.

Another view of the living room.

And another living room view.


Downstairs bathroom.

Utility room.

Another view of the utility room.

Large upstairs patio.

Rear view of house from upstairs patio.

Upstairs bedroom.

Master bathroom.

Master bedroom.

Master bedroom walk-in closet.

Completely remodeled stone stairway to second floor.

Second upstairs bathroom, third in house.

Upstairs bedroom with large desk and work area.

Upstairs bedroom.

Another view of upstairs bedroom.

Bedroom desk and work area.

Remodeled entry hall, ground floor.

Entry hall closets and storage.

Entry hall.

Entry hall and door.

Downstairs patio and recreation area.

Outside view of this beautiful desert home.


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